Arabs Speak Frankly


Arabs Speak Frankly

The Middle East is constantly in the news and is becoming increasingly complex and unstable. What is going on, and how do we discover the facts through all the different narratives?

As the Arab League Ambassador to Britain said on 1/2/2005: "We would like you to read about our state of affairs through what we write ourselves, not through what others write about us".
(Reported on Ain Al-Yaqeen, Saudi Royal family weekly online magazine 1/4/2005).

This website endeavours to do just that. It consists solely of comments by those in the Arab world.

For example: Fatah and Hamas on peace with Israel, on Palestinians, on Palestine; Arabs on Jews, on Jerusalem, and it gives examples of how the media reports events.

It also contains an Appendix of Legal and Historic documents pertaining to the legal status of the land called 'Palestine'.

This page is constantly updated - so please visit regularly to read the latest information - indicated bynew!